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Jono and Sylvie Allen have been running the business here in Balmoral for the last 28 years and have built it up to the success it is today. Probably the most charismatic person you will ever meet, Jono and his brother Andrew have been involved with the Water & snow sports industry his whole life. They have both windsurfed in Maui, Fiji, Western Australia, for 10 years, and set up reatail shop Balmoral Boards, they can still be spotted tearing up the waves along Sydney's northern beaches. Jono's wife, Sylvie is commonly known as the queen of Balmoral. She brings the team together and is always the first one to instigate our regular team social events. Between them, not only have they created a very successful business, they have created a lifestyle that any budding instructor would want to be a part of. Jono started sailing at Balmoral Sailing Club when he was 12 years old.



Jono Allen  Coach Balmoral Sailing Club Junior Sailing Programe 



Jono also hold a current world record holder, being the only person to ever Land Sail across the Harbour Bridge in 1988






Steve-o Center Manager Race Coach



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Steve-o Center Manager

Steve Hackey (Steve-o) is our centre Manager here at Balmoral. Steve-o has been in the Water Sports industry for many years, and has been fortunate enough to travel the globe teaching and training instructors to the highest level. The majority of his career was spent with Flying Fish Australia, training instructors and working at Club Vass in Greece, where Steve-o was centre manager for a brief period. Steve-o brings his wealth of experience and warm personality to our team and we are honoured to have him running the show at Balmoral. He now lives full-time here in Sydney Australia and wouldn't change his life in any way..............."This is the greatest place to live and work!!"


2nd​ ​UKWA​ ​Bournemouth​ ​Freestyle, 1st​ ​Place​ ​El​ ​Tur​ ​Egypt​ ​Freestyle, 1st​ ​Place​ ​NSWWA​ ​Gerroa​ ​(Sydney)​ ​Wave, 4th​ ​Australian​ ​Freestyle​ ​Championships


RYA,AS Power Boat Trainer, Senior Instructore Dingy Sailing, Windsurfing Trainer.




Max-o Beach Manger Race Coach





Max came 5th


Max-o Beach Manger Race Coach

Max Gaubert  Started windsurfing back in 2002 at the age of 13 in the South of France. He became U21 world champion in 2007 at the age of 17. He's travelled the world since then and stopped here in Australia where he won the Australian Slalom Nationals in 2017. Follow his exciting adventures, training and racing!!!

Sports Management Degree Sailing specialty, France

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Daisy Allen Tackers Coordinator

Daisy has worked with us since she was an assistant instructor and is now one of our best on the beach, with a lot of experience and knowledge. Daisy is fantastic working with the kids, giving them the best advice and top tips on improving their sailing. She comes up with the best games that really encourage the kids to socialise with each other and get more confident on the water.