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10’6 ACE TEC SUP $350.00

A SUP suitable for all different conditions. Easy gliding through flat water, but versatile when it comes to wave and touring performance. It has an even weight distribution making it comfortable for beginners.

Comes with basic Alloy paddle, can upgrade to Carbon paddle.





ALLOY PADDLE     $10.00

Alloy paddles are great for beginner paddle boarders, they are quite weighty therefore giving better stability when on the board. They have enough power to ensure smooth gliding through flat water. 

Available in various sizes. Non readjustable. 




Carbon paddles are great for people who have experience in SUPing, versatile in wave and flat water gliding. They are very light and can give the rider a lot of power for higher speed. 

All Carbon Paddles are adjustable




Inflatable SUP's are all the rage at the moment for flat water riding, they are just as stable has a hard board, but move quicker due to being weightless. They are easy to manevoure around and store. The inflatable SUP's we have are all one size, 10"6. All in great condition.

























4.0 comes with 337 MAST & 160 BOOM 

4.5 comes with 375 MAST & 170 BOOM

The Nova is a great sail for flatwater conditions, it's light and very light, but has enough power to enable the sailor to learn the basics in light wind. 



6.8 Comes with 462 MAST & 210 BOOM

7.8 Comes with 492 MAST & 223 BOOM

The ONE DESIGN has been specifically made to work in different wind conditions, varying from light wind to full planing. 



BIC TECHNO $800.00

5.8 Comes with 440 MAST & 183 BOOM

The techno is designed as a freeride sail. It's light and powerful during tricks and manevoures. It's also commonly used as a race sail.


BIC TECHNO very good condion  $1400.00


The BIC TECHNO is perfect for learning to windsurf, it has a dagger board for great stability, but also adjustable footstraps learning how to plane. The board can also be used for a racing. In great condition. 


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