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Our school watersports programme is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn new skills, increase their knowledge of the weather and the ocean, work as a team and it’s an exciting change from the usual school sports. We take children of all ages and have specific equipment for kids. The programmes include all equipment, buoyancy aids, wetsuits, and tuition by our experienced Australian  Sailing & Royal Yachting Association instructors. There are also hot showers and changing rooms available.

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We also offer Tackers sailing program, which is an introductory program designed to give kids an experience of sailing. At the end of the Program they receive a Certificate of Achievement. The Tackers Intro for Schools is an ideal excursion for schools where kids can combine learning about water safety alongside game-based sailing activities.

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We are excited about what Balmoral Water Sports Center. We encourage you to visit our centerl. An appointment can be arranged with Jon Allen or Max Gaubert.

Be aware that you can’t participate in any water sport activity if you can’t swim.

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