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Kids & Teens School Holiday Multi-Activity Program Water Sports, Sailing, kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Windsurfing




"Have Fun - Be Safe - Learn New Skills - Make New Friends"



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Here is a taster of what the kids get up to on our Mulit-Activity Program.......








Our watersports camp takes place during the NSW school holidays. It is incredibly popular and so we always recommend booking early to avoid dissapointment. Our Watersports Kids Camp is called "Multi-Activity" becuase we do multiple different activities throughout the day/week. The different activities include Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding and Kayaking, with a major emphasis on having fun & gaining & improving their watersports skills!


What makes us unique at Balmoral?

We have 30 (since 1989) years of experince teaching kids in outdoor environments, we fall under the catagory of Outdor education, so we facilitate a learning environment & encourage kids to engage with learning in an experiential kinesthetic way. We teach the kids about water safety & personal safety, marine environment, local species & conservation of our marine environment. We do this by getting down to thier level & showing them how fun being outdoors can be, we go exploring around Hunters Bay to different secret beahces, we do treasure hunts & pirate challenges and some navegation, we play a range of different games that focus on problem solving, team building, communication skills, critical thinking & using thier bodies & minds in ways they likely havn't done so before. We always encourage the kids to step outside thier comfort zones & provide a safe space for them to face thier fears.  Our instrutctors are taught to have empathy and good communicaiton with the kids, and they are often caught having just as much fun playing & learning wth the kids! We learn just as much from them as they do from us. 



Sessions fun from Monday - Friday.

Drop off is between 9:00AM - 9:30AM and Pick up is Between 3:00PM - 3:30PM

"It's a great way to introduce your children to the water sports environment cool"


Price Information  PER CHILD

(note that the multi day discount applies per child per booking)

  • 1 Day : AUD$176

  • 2 Days: AUD$276

  • 3 Days: AUD$351

  • 4 Days: AUD$426

  • 5 Days: AUD$496

  • 6 Days: AUD$566

  • 7 Days: AUD$636

  • 8 Days: AUD$706

  • 9 Days: AUD$776

  • 10 Days: AUD$846





However we are flexible if siblings or good friends want to go together in the same group on the day, we understand kids may feel a little uncomfortable at first, we will occasioanlly move kids around into the groups as appropriate based on our assesment of thier ability and confidence on the day.  And we ask that parents sign thier kids up into their correct age groups initially, but do let the instructors know on the day which kids would like to be together, & they will make an assesment where is best fit for them to go.





KIDS CAMP coincides with the School Holiday DATES for 2019-2020:


Spring Holidays:      30th Sept - 4th Oct   ---   8th - 11th Oct 


Summer Holidays:  3rd - 6th Dec  ---  9th - 13th Dec --- 16th - 20th Dec  

                                 23rd, 24th (Closed xmas & boxing day) 27th Dec 


 Jan 2020:                  30th Dec - 3rd Jan  ---  6th Jan - 10th Jan 

                                   13th Jan - 17th Jan --- 20th Jan - 24th Jan 

                                    27th Jan - 31st Jan                                


Autumm Holidays :   13th April - 17th April  ---  20th April - 24th April




During the day the kids will get up to Various activities that include, Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding and a selection of on-land games all of which relate to the water.

We don’t follow a set syllabus on the camp, we can accommodate to different abilities, but we are mainly trying to introduce kids to different water sports, develop thier skills and water awareness, encourage them to gain more confidence on the water, learn team building & critical thinking, we also really encourage making new friends. Kids can start from 5 yrs up to 15 yrs. And they must already be able to swim confidently, however they do wear bouncy aids all day!


The children are not required to have had any water sport experience, but it is vital that they are able to swim.


All of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to working with children, they all have their Working with Children Check and Australian First Aid.


All children are required to wear a buoyancy aid provided by us. They are more than welcome to wear their own if applicable.


They can attend as many days as desired, these can be altogether or spread out through the holidays.




How does the day run at Balmoral Watersports Çamp?


-- We start sign in at 9:00am. We Play some introduction games whilst waiting for everyone to arrive by 9:30am and we get straight on the water.

-- First Break is at 11:00am for 30 mins, we "Eat Drink Sunscreen" and we are back on the water from 11:30 - 1pm

-- At 1:00pm we have lunch for 60 mins supervised by our instructors, Kids again "Eat Drink Sunscreen" and can go to the shops unattended to buy lunch if they recideved lunch permission from parents.

-- We are back on the water from 2:00pm for the last session

-- We are off the water by 3:00pm & play supervised on land games until 3:30pm when the last kid goes home!


--- We run the camp regardless of the weather conditions --- We’re very fortunate here that we are sheltered from the wind in the bay and sheltered from rain in the club. We don't accept cancellations due to the weather, nor can we reschedule on the day of your booking. Our instructors always have Plan B's and creative alternatives when its cold, windy and rainy that are fun and keep the kids comfortable duriing the bad weather.


What to bring:

  • Boardies, rashie, wetsuit (If you don’t own one, we have plenty to lend out)
  • Buoyancy aid, if already have one
  • Water - reusable bottle - no single use plastics please!
  • Packed lunch or money to go and buy lunch with parent/guardian's permission
  • Sun Cream/Zinc
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses with a secure strap
  • Water shoes if desired, however we do not require kids to wear them




Sunscreen, Common chemicals used in thousands of products to protect against harmful effects of ultraviolet light threaten corals and other marine life, so please choose natural sunscreen products, It's best to apply sunscreen   20-30 minutes before going outside




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Active Kids Vouchers 

You can not claim voucher after booing and ask for a refund,  we can only give you a credit after booking in the same holiday period.